Gears for Good National Ride 2018

Truly a Team Effort -- Go Team!
Truly a Team Effort -- Go Team!

Go Team!

GO Team!

The GO Team does not stop!

As the support provider for the Gears for Good national ride for six years, Get Out and Go Tours has been introduced to a wonderful comnunity of people, who sometimes struggle to handle their bleeding disorder. We love all of our community friends, and are very appreciative to have been made an honorary member of the community.

100% of the contributions raised by individual donors goes to providing families and patients in need with assistance for expenses like housing, utilities, transportation, and medically-necessary goods. 100%! The Helping Hands program is very special and Get Out and Go Tours, is pleased to support it.

To increase participation from outside the community in 2018, We have formed the Go Team!, which has set a team fund-raising goal of $10,000.

Please join Get Out and Go Tours on the Go Team!, either as a rider participant, a virtual rider who is too distant to come, or as a donor who gives $10, $20, or if your means allow, $100 toward team fund-raising goals.

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